International Sensors & Controls, Inc. has the resources and expertise necessary to be a valuable partner in your manufacturing processes. Whether your needs are small prototype runs or large volume blanket orders, you can be sure the latest available technology will be used to produce your products. You can focus limited resources on the development and marketing of products necessary for the success of your business, while we take responsibility for the manufacturing. This is a smart and efficient allocation of resources designed around the inherent strengths of our business and yours.

We specialize in multi layer circuit board assemblies and system integration. We have sonic welding and mold making capabilities. We can provide value-added services on any of our sensor and control products, including ready-to-install temperature/power control panels. We have local and off-shore facilities.

The decision to move production to an outside vendor is a serious one, requiring much research and deliberation. It is not made by a few clicks of a mouse on a website.

Please contact International Sensors & Controls, Inc. and allow us the opportunity to speak with you in detail about what we can offer your company in the way of manufacturing services.

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