International Sensors & Controls, Inc. maintains one of the largest inventories of mercury displacement relays in the world. From compact 10AMP units to the robust 150AMP line, we keep a broad range of amperages and coil voltages in one, two and three phase designs, available for immediate shipment.

We sell only the industry standard Durakool brand. For more than sixty years, Durakool has specialized in the production of mercury displacement relays and contactors. They helped create mercury-switching technology.

Durakool products provide silent, reliable switching because of the unique properties of mercury as a contact material. They are virtually immune to breakage, corrosion or wear.

The contacts, enclosed in hermetically sealed steel containers, operate in a wide range of temperatures, under low or high pressures, in dust or vapor-filled atmospheres. They produce no external sparks and are unaffected by line noise or voltage spikes.

Please contact us for price and availability or to discuss a specific application.

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